No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time;
it is just that others are behind the times.
Martha Graham

Modern dance

Modern dance started as a reaction against the conventional classical ballet. The inspiration was to dance freely and strong without the high requirements in ballet for the perfect body. Unlike in ballet, dancing in modern dance is barefooted and makes a great use of the torso. Ballet and modern dance still has much in common technically.
Attire: We recommend tight-fit clothes, bare feet and hairdos.

Modern med Sarah

Sarah teaches a Horton based technique, but the class also contain elements from other techniques of modern dance. The warmup starts with a easy pre-warmup with a focus on breathing, followed by classic Horton exercises as flat backs, laterals and leg swings. In the intermediate class you will be acquainted with the Horton technique's Preludes and Fortifications. Subsequently, the class will continue with the technique and steps across the floor, and finally a choreography that includes elements from the advanced technique.
Sarah's adult beginner class is at a level where everyone can participate, while the intermediate class requires knowledge of modern dance and the technique behind it. The class for teens is for all levels and is given to all.

Modern med Jesper

Jesper's classes are characterized by high tempo with floor work and acrobatic elements. You will be turned upside down, leaping high and learn movements that you didn't thing was possible. The classes will focus on technique, floor-work and acrobatics, which will be put into choreography at the end of the class. Jesper's class is for intermediate dancers, so it is assumed that you have prior knowledge of modern dance.

Modern med Susanne

Susanne teach based on the techniques of Horton and Limon. The class starts with pre-warm up, body rolls, flat backs and swings. After the warmup, more demanding exercise compositions follows. You go across the floor and do dance combinations. The class is focused on flow, dynamics, focus, breathing and energy.

Everybody is welcome, but some awareness of your body and a willingness to work is a prerequisite.

The class is not tied to any particular style of music, but instrumental music is usually used.

Modern med Annika

Annika teaches Graham, which is one of the earliest founded techniques of Modern Dance.