To dance, put your hand on your heart
and listen to the sound of your soul
Eugene Louis "Luigi" Faccuito


Jazz is a style with energy and rhythm. Jazz is largely based on ballet technique, but often with parallel feet instead of turned out and plié instead of relevé. You get to work with isolations, quick steps, turns, high legs, jumping and charisma.
Attire: We recommend tight fitting clothes and hairdos. During the warmup we recommend bare feet. Across the floor and for choreography we recommend barefoot or jazz shoes.

Jazz with Sarah

Sarah's class starts with a thorough warm-up focusing on technique. Among classic exercises from Luigi jazz technique. Subsequently the class continue with step across the floor. This class includes classic jazz steps, jazzwalks, twists, battements and jumps. At the end of the class, you will learn a choreography, wherein the skills from the technique is used. The music will be a mix from newer and older generation.

Jazz Motion with Gitte

Under excellent guidance from Gitte you will work with techniques that exercises joints and muscles from the inside. Working with strength, flexibility and a better attitude. Gittes class gives you greater comfort as well as energy and joy.

Modern Jazz with Susanne

Susanne teach this class in a mixture of the styles modern and jazz. The focus is on rhythm, flow, technique, strength and balance, characterized by speed, intensity and agility. The class is 30 minutes of warm-up/technique, 30 minutes of combinations across floor and a 30-minute dance combination for a highly varied music selection.

Modern Jazz with Lina

Linas modern jazz class is for all dance-loving children aged 8-12 years. You get to work with body awareness, technique and new steps. The class consists of warm-up, technique training with elements of both modern and jazz steps across the floor and choreography. With a wide music selection for old and new hits - everything from The Jackson 5 to Mø. All levels are welcome. Whether you have danced before or at home, you are welcome with Lina. Lina welcomes you and will provide challenge for all levels.