Dance is the hidden language of the soul
Martha Graham


Graham is one of the earliest techniques of Modern. The technique was invented by Martha Graham almost 100 years ago. She was one of the pioneers of Modern Dance as we know it today. When Graham appeared in her time, people only knew ballet and Graham was received with great skepticism and indignation, because it was "ugly". However people got used to the style and Martha Graham has since gained enormous recognition worldwide.

Graham with Annika

The class consists of a technical warmup. We sit on the floor and practice the three basic principles of contract, release and spiral. Afterwards, the class continues across the floor with a variety of dynamic exercises, and eventually there will be a choreography where some of the technical exercises are included. It is Annika's goal is to get students to move big and come not know whether they will fall. In the one and a half hour of the class, you will learn technique, sweat, have a good laugh and a lot of lovely dancing.