It was the discovery of the keys of classical placement; how to manage turnout. I witnessed the change in me - I was longer, more balanced, It was a personal revelation. Magnifique et logique!
Jacqueline Fynneart


Floor-bar is a technique based on the idea that instead of doing ballet exercises at the bar, it is done lying on the floor. When we're lying on the floor, we have the opportunity to work without gravity, so we can adjust it as needed. Thus, we deal with the basic ballet technique, but with minimum strain on the body.
Attire: Tight-fitting clothes (no bare legs), cotton socks and hairdos.

Floor-barre with Susanne

The class consists of exercises on the floor, which aim to achieve the correct positioning of the body, to strengthen it and make it flexible. The floor exercises are followed by ballet exercise at the bar for 15 minutes.
Everyone can participate in Susanne's class. Whatever dance level you are on, the floor-barre be a good and healthy supplement.