Ballet is pure and demands that you serve something larger than yourself, whether it be beauty or art, or a combination of both. It requires discipline, taking care of yourself, taking care of your own body first. Then it allows you to give of that beauty, the beauty that you acquire by sculpting your own body all your life.
Peter Martins


Ballet forms the technical basis for many genres of dance, and is a great cornerstone of any dance training. From Jazz to hip-hop and from Modern to Krump, it all refers back to ballet and ballet terms. Especially in Modern- and Jazz classes will find many references to ballet. A ballet class starts at the bar, and then continue with center work. In ballet, you always work turned-out, and the focus is largely on body strength, flexibility and balance.
Dressing: Tight-fitting clothes, hairdos and socks or soft ballet shoes (no pointe shoes).

Ballet with Marie

This beginner class consists of classical ballet exercises at the bar, in order to work with the ballet foundation. Subsequently, the class continues away from the bar with center work, which include working with pirouettes and small and large jumps. Marie will vary her focus during the season, so that at the end, you will have a broad knowledge of ballet fundamentals. The class is open to all, also If you are completely new to the world of dance.

Floor-barre with Susanne

Susanne teaches floor-barre, which draws on ballet technique but is performed sitting or lying on the floor. 
After the floor work and stretches we continue at the barre.
 It is more an exercise than dance class.The class is easy to understand and is for all levels, but the more you work the more you gain.