Dansestudiet Aarhus

Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Graham, Floor-barre Yoga and Street

Performance workshop

As a newly established dance company, Sally Likes to Dance invites you to their first workshop in connection to the performance: THE DOOR. If you have tickets to the show, the workshop is free, otherwise it costs 75 danish kroner.
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1-årig grunduddannelse i dans. 2½ års uddannelse i moderne dans.
Prices Under 18 Adults
Single class 60 min 90 kr. 110 kr.
Single class 90 min 120 kr. 150 kr.
Weekly 60 min.
Per month
330 kr. 390 kr.
Weekly 90 min.
Per month
450 kr. 520 kr.
Voucher 5x60 min ---- 500 kr.
Voucher 5x90 min ---- 700 kr.
Unlimited classes
Per month
850 kr. 1150 kr.
Subscribing to two classes a week gives you a 10% discount.
Subscribing to three classes a week gives you a 15% discount.
Students can get 20% discount by showing a valid student ID, when paying for vouchers or unlimited classes.

PRACTICAL about payment.

A unique dance education environment in Denmark

The school was founded in 1979 by Gitte Holm called the "Institut Gitte Holm". In 1999 the daughter Susanne Holm took over the school, and the name was changed to "Dansestudiet Aarhus". The school is a private school, has three studios, a cozy café with views to all studios, bathroom facilities and reception.

Teaching has an emphasis on modern, jazz, classical ballet and street. There are classes for both beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional dancers - regardless of age, level and ambition. Presence, learning in a safe environment and respect for the student and the dance is one of our basic principles.

The school is respected for it's talent development, and has over the years played a significant role in the development of both the local and the national dance scene. Several of the danish dancers and choreographers stand out on the dance scenes in Denmark and Europe today, have received training or education at Dansestudiet Aarhus.

Dansestudiet Aarhus is centrally located in downtown Aarhus, close to the Concert Hall, Bora Bora - dance and visual theater, Godsbanen and AROS.